Photo Texture Aid Plugins

Photo Texture Aid Plugins

Postby mielkman » Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:14 pm

Hey all, I'm new. I've been looking through the plugins, and I've been having trouble finding plugins that do the following things:

Count faces with the default texture

Select faces with the default texture

Paint both sides of a face simultaneously, or, make faces one-sided.
(I'm curious about this one, because my GE models made in sketchup 7 are one-sided faces, when you look inside the building, it is the same texture image as the outside, on my Sketchup 8 models, the faces are 2-sided causing all kinds of grief for uploading to GE)

Remove inside faces
(Once I close the bottom of the building, remove geometry that is not visible (or or not connected to faces visible) from the outside, such as default faces created between floor pulls, geometric jigs used to create complex architecture, follow me paths I missed, etc.)

Face Reversing

Polygon, texture size, and file size limit warnings
(Like a stat box that pops up a warning when you reach a certain percent of a given limitation)

If there really aren't plugins to do this, I'd like to start one, and if there are I'd like to talk to the authors about collating them into a geomodeling plugin package.

Also if other geomodelers have other good plugins or ideas for plugins that would be useful in pre-checking for google earth submission readiness, I'd love to hear it!


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