My classroom Project Idea

My classroom Project Idea

Postby mrmar975 » Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:01 pm

I am a H.S. teacher that is using Google Sketch-up for my Architecture Fundamentals class. I would like to take my students on a walking trip with cameras through our downtown area to begin modeling it. They are then going take the model buildings of downtown and upload it to Google Earth. I would like to avoid having students upload their models to Google Earth and have it be viewed by the world. I was wondering if anyone has ever set up Google Earth that has models uploaded by a classroom of students and viewable by ONLY those participating students.

This would be like having Google Earth refer to an IN-HOUSE directory/Server of models that the students upload to. If this is possible, or I did not fully explain the idea I want to do, ANY help would be appreciated. I just want a little city the students created from the combination of Google earth images and physically seeing the models, then uploading and "wandering around town" with everyone elses models in it.


Re: My classroom Project Idea

Postby museummaker » Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:58 pm

You can do this two ways I believe. You could upload to the 3D warehouse and then set it to private. The only people who can access it is collaborators you invite.

Alternatively, you could combine all the models into a master model then export a KMZ file that the students could share.

Sounds like a good project for little Sketch Uppers.


Re: My classroom Project Idea

Postby bjanzen » Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:36 am

Exactly. You can save them and send them to Earth on the machine you're modeling, and save the kmz's and just pass those around for privacy. When you select "Place Model" in SketchUp, it'll send your model to Google Earth, only on that machine, and put it into Temporary Places->SUPreview1. If you do more buildings, they can be SUPreview2, 3... then right click on Temporary Places, and select "Save Place As..." and save the kmz. Now you can share it only with the people you want, buildings and all.

When you feel OK with it (and you will), you should submit to 3dwarehouse, and give the kids some credit for their efforts... you should check out the Cities in 3D program at and there's more, too, if you look around.


SketchUp Team
SketchUp Team

Re: My classroom Project Idea

Postby Gaieus » Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:07 am

Yeah, something like the gentlemen above say. If you set it to privte, no-one but contributors/collaborators will be able to download edit whatnot (there are endless possibilities - pplay around with them).

One caveat: if you do NOT want Google to include your models to GE, make sure that the "this model is real and GE ready" (or what) box is NOT checked.

Although... I believe that those kids would definitely deserve some kind of encouragement, incentives and "real" credits. Why not the whole town/neighbourhood know about their talents and efforts? This is also always encouraging for others (and they won't be spending their time on dope on the streets at least).

But of course, you know what you are doing and I don't want to interfere... ;)

Next week I am starting with a secondary school special afternoon course with kids in my old school (I graduated from). This is something you would call a middle school and high school in the US I think. I am looking forward to what I can achieve with them and I will definitely leave it for them to decide what they want to go public and what to keep private even though we'll be using the 3D Warehouse.
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