Table with cabriole legs

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Table with cabriole legs

Postby Chiefwoodworker » Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:21 pm

I just released An Intermediate Google SketchUp Tutorial – Part 5B ( , which concludes Part 5. In this installment we completed the cabriole legs we started in Part 5A. As an example of tables that use the cabriole leg I made a quick and dirty modification to the Office Table. It uses the top we drew in Part 3 of this tutorial series. See the picture below. The knee in this example extends entirely between the legs. Often it is just a brace that finishes the look of the leg. I am not proposing this design as an example of period furniture; it is a mock up to show what cabriole legs might look like in a finished piece.

In the next and final installation of An Intermediate Google SketchUp Tutorial we will attempt a carving, that is the drawing of an oft used carving in woodworking. I think you will like it.
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