A ruby tool for woodwork modelers

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A ruby tool for woodwork modelers

Postby PKast » Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:44 am

Perhaps some folks who make woodworking parts will find this useful. This is a revived/revised ruby script from 2005 called "simplebeam.rb. It creates a component "board" or "plywood" from a dialogue box. I find this routine very fast, especially when I know the size of parts, and I have to make a lot of parts at specific sizes. (Perhaps this could be done better with dynamic components, I don't know, that's a matter for debate.) This script was half of what I needed and so I chose to use it. I don't particularly like the name "SimpleBeam.rb", but I kept it in deference to the original author.

This script creates a "board" or "plywood" component with input from a dialogue box. It names the component with its dimension values (thickness x width x length and the value "board" or "plywood" is placed behind the dimension value.
-- Originally this was downloaded from http://www.crai.archi.fr/RubyLibraryDep ... c_page.htm
-- Originally this ruby was attributed to Ben ???? and dated 10.24.05
-- This ruby was revised by me, Peter Kastmiler 02.07.09.
1. The names of parts were changed to make sense to me.
2. The order of values was revised to thickness x width x length.
3. Metric values were changed to inches.
4. The "attribute dictionary" portion was disabled, it had a serious flaw, which caused right click conflicts on all components.
5. The "context menu" portion of the ruby was disabled because it did not work. The titles in the Plugins Menu were revised to Lumber>> Board, Plywood.

Are there any drawbacks to this script?
1. If you change the size of the component, the name of the component will no longer reflect the true dimension of the part.
2. You must rotate the part into its final position. Length is set up to be along the red axis, thickness is along the green axis, and width is set to the blue axis.

I would like to eventually add another line to the dialogue boxes which would allow the user to give the component a user-defined name, such as "shelf", "top", "bottom", etc.



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