A Vanity & Make-up Vanity combo

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A Vanity & Make-up Vanity combo

Postby PKast » Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:32 am

This was designed by Benjamin Jones and Associates Architecture for a high-rise condominium in San Francisco. This was built out of Mahogany by Mayta & Jensen General Contractors & Cabinetmakers, the outfit that I work for. There are some more interesting pieces done for this job that I will post when I have time.

I've been experimenting with presentation techniques (based on "the Dennis (Nikolaiev) technique" and "the Grant Marshall technique". I am trying to incorporate the surroundings but de-emphasize them, since we are trying to emphasize the casework but not the surroundings. Our views are relatively close up, so I've gone away from the wiggly line portion of the technique because it makes the casework look somewhat cartoonish. Although I love that look in Dennis' water color architectural overviews.



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