Best practices for creating an rbe  Topic is solved

Best practices for creating an rbe

Postby Frankn » Tue Dec 14, 2021 8:25 pm

I've been trying to get a plugin signed and running into some issues which seem to be related with require... I get these errors...
Error: #<LoadError: cannot load such file

I found this post where Dan uploaded some templates but I'm not sure how the
works. Does anyone have a sample code that I can look at or can someone please explain how those files should be structured and how they work together?



Re: Best practices for creating an rbe  Topic is solved

Postby Dan Rathbun » Wed Dec 15, 2021 5:13 pm

If you are having issues with Trimble's signing portal, then the best place to ask is:
.. or the main developers forum:

ThomThom And Julia monitor those forum categories and should be quick to answer (if the question and answer has not already been posted previously, which might often be the case.)

Also see newer help pages:

That said, the Ruby core Kernel#require method cannot load scrambled (rbs) or encrypted (rbe) files.

You must use the API's Sketchup::require module method and you need to omit the file extension (.rb, .rbs or .rbe) when you call the SketchupExtension::new class constructor in your extension registrar script.
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    Re: Best practices for creating an rbe

    Postby Frankn » Wed Dec 15, 2021 5:45 pm

    Thanks for the info Dan... I'll check out those forums. I wasn't even aware that the Sketchup API had it's own require method and it explains why I'm having problems. I guess I have some more learning and reading to do! :)


    Re: Best practices for creating an rbe

    Postby Frankn » Thu Dec 16, 2021 1:56 am

    Where can I find info and/or examples on how to set this part of the loader file? I'm searching but not finding anything...

    Code: Select all
    require "Author_MultiClassPlugin/MultiClassPlugin_SharedConstants.rb"

    Code: Select all
    include SharedConstants # mixin the constant module

    And this from the SharedConstants file?
    Code: Select all
    SOME_SEARCH_PATTERN ||= /^Author/



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