UV Coordinates

UV Coordinates

Postby pipman » Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:11 am

Hi everyone,

I have a problem understanding UV mappings and try to describe that without screenshots:

When I scale objects I take an array of vertices and move that into a direction. Since not moving the entire object but only a subset of points that usually floats the textures since the UV-coordinates are obviously world coordinates.

After using tools like Fredo's ThruPaint those coordinates seem no longer to be world coordinates but face coordinates. So when I move all points from a face that texture doesn't float with the movement but sticks to the face.

How can I change that behaviour? Another possibility seems to be that in case of using Sketchup's internal paint bucket it just references one uv coordinate and tools like Fredo use more than one for distortion. However, another Fredo tool (FredoScale) does the job as I would like it to. My problem is though that I need this directly in ruby without any front end tools, so I need to understand whats going on...

I couldn't find anything on that in the documentation and I am incapable of working this out by understanding Fredo's entire toolset :)



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