Beta testing Ruby Code Editor 4

Beta testing Ruby Code Editor 4

Postby alexschreyer » Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:46 pm

I finally got around to updating my code editor extension with a bunch of new features and fixes. If anyone is interested, could you please beta test it over the weekend? I am especially interested in Mac testers, because I don't have access. Here's the download: ...

Here are the release notes:

Version 4.0 (TBD):
– Code cleanup
– Updated jQuery, jQueryUI, codemirror
– Updated styles
– Updated code snippets
– New menu and tab UI
– Ref browser and help windows use HtmlDialog now, also separate windows
– Fixed loading code
– Fixed recent file bug. Opens in current folder now
– Fixed printing
– Fixed preferences
– Fixed binding to be toplevel
– Added preloading of $LIBRARY_PATH items from preferences
– Added MRU file list
– Added quick save option
– Added undo/redo
– Added find/replace
– Added ability to edit default code
– Added help link to website
– Improved keyboard shortcuts
– Improved reference browser, updated links
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