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Re: Extension Store v3.0

Postby facer » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:57 am

It would be helpful to SEE the LOADED sets assigned.

Sets often reflect a set workflow for stages as Sketch Design, Design Development etc.
During the use of SketchUp, extensions/plugins are often added or removed to assist
specific current activities or issues.

When returning to the project it would be helpful to RESET the
WORKING SET - assigned to a given workflow. This would help others using
the same SketchUp file.

Thank you again for all the Teams work on the Extension Store.
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Re: Extension Store v3.0

Postby filibis » Thu May 04, 2017 9:41 am

I mostly downloaded my plugins & extensions manually and realized benefits of Extension Store lately. So is there any way to make it 'recognize' my plugins or should i download them all one by one via Extension Store :ecstatic: ?
Also can Extension Store detect plugins in my path (plugin folder) whether they're available in Sketchucation or not? (Thus, i can distinguish -that i gathered from other sources- easily and zip them)

This question is also asked at the end of this Bundles tutorial and didn't receive any reply.

Besides i have no idea how Plugin-sets work. I created a set but don't know how to add/remove plugins to that set (and i don't know which plugins are applied to my set). Is there any info on that?
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Re: Extension Store v3.0

Postby Rich O Brien » Thu May 04, 2017 9:47 am

We can't detect anything outside so you need to use it to create a history.

There's a new version of the store coming where we want to offer more in terms of allowing users to add external extensions links into the store. So if there's a scenario where someone finds something they think the community would like to know about you could submit a listing.

You will also be able to create Collections that you could share with others that allows them to install a set of tools you curate as needed for a certain task.

We also want some type of 'Ask' scenario. If you wanted to know how to do A+B then members can reply with their solution.
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