HTML export with hotspots?

HTML export with hotspots?

Postby fredrikarvas » Tue Dec 29, 2009 7:05 pm

Dear Forum,

I am building a museum ( where I have used .jpg-exports from views in Sketchup with html-image-maps to navigate between the pages.
What I now would like is "view-spots" inside my model, where each wiew-spot would export in 4 different views (the image-export can be done with the In these views, with clickable-html-based image-maps would lead the visitor to the next view, like walking inside our museum. Similar to what QuickTime or but without the requriement of any client-application.
The best would also to use CSS-based-maps instead of html-based maps see: (Which I have created with http://www.image-maps.comfor refernces).

If this script does not exist, what is the cost for develloping it?



Re: HTML export with hotspots?

Postby morisdov » Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:29 pm

Hello Fredrick,

Check out Chris Fullmers Camera Recorder -
Its quite close to what you asking.
might require some leg work but should get the job done.

I also have been working on a Museum plugin for a while, hope to find time to finish it already.
Myne is definitely not what you are looking for but might be useful for a project like yours - check back in some time.

Great initiative you have taken on this project :thumb:


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