FREE access to Sketchup Visual Mastery course!

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FREE access to Sketchup Visual Mastery course!

Postby Elvazur » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:58 am

Hi everyone,

I'm Nizar. I'm happy to announce that I just published a Sketchup online course, laser-focused on showcasing 3D projects in their best form. The course is designed to captivate the viewers of your projects AND to boost your creativity using Sketchup's full potential.

And as early birds, you can get access to it for FREE by following this link and using the coupon code "EARLY_BIRD": ... EARLY_BIRD
The number of coupons is limited, so first come first served ;)
Check out the intro video to know more about the content.

It's a complete 3+ hours course (sliced in +/- 5 min videos) that goes beyond the technical capacity of this amazing software. In fact, as an architect-photographer, I share the essence of my photographic learning and combine it with a 10-year experience designing with Sketchup.

I honestly haven't seen any complete and comprehensive resource on the internet that addresses the visual aspect of a Sketchup model (without the use of rendering softwares) with this much focus, so I thought it would be a good idea to create this course, mainly for architects and interior designers.
If you're using a rendering software, such as Vray, you would still definitely benefit from it as the it's geared to improve your scene in many ways. The learning material includes:

  • Mastering texturing and getting creative in the process
  • Choosing the best angle of view according to photographic notions
  • Choosing the best lighting for specific scenes
  • Creating believable models by using components in very specific ways
  • Creating a personalized visual style that fits your intentions
  • And much more

By the way, the course is also available on the learning platform Skillshare:

If you enroll, I'd really love to get some feedback and know which parts you liked the most and if there are subjects you wished were deepened more.

Have a fantastic day!

Show Your Design in its Best Form - using Sketchup ... g-sketchup


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