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Hi Guys,

I've got some great feedback on the stuff I have been working on and would like your thoughts on KinderKalc, an early math aid for kids, 3/6 year olds.

What put me thinking about making the KinderKalc was when I saw how one of my grandsons was being taught math at school and how he got somewhat frustrated when he was required to memorise a lot of basic stuff. He had no difficulty putting complex lego models together though! The difference from what I could see was the lack of a 'fun element' / creativity. Lego Making = Fun, Math = Pain!

I have come up with, what I hope is, a simple board and token system that I think works quite well with very young kids trying to figure out maths. I have completed quite a few tweeks to the design since getting the initial idea but am now happy enough with the end result as it can be produced at very low cost and packaging / postage will also be low. I have submitted a UK patent application which has been accepted, hopefully it will work out.

I am making a promo video which will be finished shortly and will post it here if there is interest in viewing it, but for the time being I am posting two images which I hope explains itself on how the KinderCalc works, the KinderKalc Board and Tokens (cut out board). Hint!, the key to the idea are the redesigned / modified numerals with token holding baskets.

Questions, comments / suggestions most welcome.


KinderCalc Board.jpeg
Token Sheet (Cut-Out).jpeg
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