Scene Transition may be asymmetrical

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Scene Transition may be asymmetrical

Postby fredo6 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:52 pm

Working on Animator about interpolating Scene cameras as in Sketchup scene animation, I discover that in some cases the scene transition are not symmetrical.

In the attached model, by TDahl, transition:
- between Scene1 and Scene2 is symmetrical
- between Scene2 and Scene3 is symmetrical
- BUT between Scene3 and Scene4 is NOT SYMMETRICAL

Animator - Asymetrical Scene transitions.gif

Animator - Asymetrical Scene

I have tried to reconstruct a similar camera transition algorithm in Animator. The one I have, not yet released, is usually identical to Sketchup scene animation, except in some of these cases where the camera makes about a half turn. At least mine is symmetrical.

Has anyone encountered this weird problem?

I attach the model (SU2017), so that you can judge.
TDahl - Animator Camera Test.skp


EDIT: even more weird. The transition path from Scene 3 to 4 is not even always the same !!!
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Re: Scene Transition may be asymmetrical

Postby driven » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:57 am

I recall an inconsistency based on the cameras relationship to the axis...

not sure if this is the same as it was many years ago...

my 'memory' tells me I avoided this by moving geometry and camera so you never crossed the axis...

it seemed that if any camera position included a negative, SU makes a decision whether to move clock or anti clockwise...

and it's not always the same decision...

does that make any sense?

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