Layout crashes when using draw tools and scrapbook

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Layout crashes when using draw tools and scrapbook

Postby macka59n » Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:39 am

My problem is maybe two.

1. I can use the scrapbook as long as I just want arrows and colors. Everything else causes the program to crash. For example: If I choose "signs", the program either shuts down or the preview box is just white. If I, on the other hand, want to draw up some arrows there are no problems at all.

2. Draw tools. I can draw the rectangle but everything else causes an error. I have noticed one thing though. If I draw lines, circles , triangles and so forth, the program crashes but a saved copy is made. When I open Layout again this saved copy shows as a preview and the programs asks if I want to open it. In this preview I can se all of the lines, circles and trianlges but when the file opens, none of it shows.

Very greatfull for thoughts and answers

I use Sketchup 2016 version


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