Exporting to CAD (not an easy question)

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Exporting to CAD (not an easy question)

Postby errror404 » Thu May 28, 2020 3:08 pm

I'm going to do my best to explain what I'm trying to do.
The projects that I do (single family homes) are usually very similar in terns of volumen/size. So I have already pre-determined templates in sketchup with scenes that matches my Layout templates (so far so good).
One of my templates in Layout is meant to export to AutoCAD the elevations and roof plan (I just switch the model and all the views are ready). Now, in layout I have a good control on where on the paper space the elevations are going to come up, "but" not as much where do they end up in model space, and it's critical for me to have all four elevations line up in model space (see image below).
Annotation 2020-05-28 095537.jpg

So far, I have been able to trick Layout to do so by creating one view (front view) and the then copying the same view 3 times and switching each one to back left and right (so far so good :D )

My problem is that, now I have a project that has some weird angles (see image below).
Annotation 2020-05-28 095538.jpg

I Could create a view using a plugin called "align view" (that matches a section), but there's now way for me to line up all elevations in model space that way when exporting from layout. I also had the idea to switch in sketchup the axes, but the front|left|right|back views are not tied to the model axes.

FAKE EDIT: Just thinking outloud. I could create multiple components of the house (rotate them) and use layers to hide/show the correct one. That would be a pain, but doable (hopefully someone can teach me a better trick).



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