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layered DWG export

Postby juju » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:51 pm

So we're accustomed to creating layers for different elements, all geometry on Layer0 with grouping on the appropriate layer (-s). And we're using the scenes to control the visibility, etc.

Great, we've set up the various layers to use, have specific ones assigned for the "viewports" of the scenes from the linked SketchUp model (-s). Other ones for dimensions, notes, etc. You've done your work and you can export to PDF / DWG, as the case may be. Except that all the work that went into layering in SketchUp is lost when linked in Layout, only the Layout layer (-s) with the viewport (-s) and other you've set up for dimensions, notes, etc. gets translated to separate layers in the DWG. Which makes it a bit of a pig to work with when this file is communicated to other consultants.

How do you manage this communication of information? Do you send the consultant a PDF with the Layout exported DWG and a separate DWG export of the SketchUp model, which kind of counter-intuitive if you ask me. How do I go about to get the layering across as was set up in the SketchUp model, but from the Layout export (with dimensions, notes, etc.)?
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Re: layered DWG export

Postby srx » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:45 pm

As I understand Layout is for publishing projects. Sketchup is for sharing files with partners. And that is the whole story. You can export layered DXF with Skalp.
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