Copy Paste Problem

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Copy Paste Problem

Postby danb » Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:45 am


I am experiencing a problem when I try and copy/paste from one window to another. I am running Sketchup pro 2020 and OSX10.15.3. Basically I thought that it was all items but it appears to only happen when something is grouped or a component. If it is one of these then I can copy and use the menu item to "Paste in Place" but paste itself does not work. Although it works on loose geometry. Within the same window Copy and Paste work normally. Any help, advice extra would be greatly appreciated and I can upload a simple file if that helps.

many thanks in advance


P.s I have also posted this on Sketchups main forum
Sketchup Pro 2019/20
OSX 10.15.3
Macbook Pro

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Re: Copy Paste Problem

Postby TIG » Thu Mar 12, 2020 1:23 pm

Ensure that the main SketchUp.exe properties are NOT set up to 'always run as administrator'. This can cause issues since SketchUp is then running at an elevated security setting and lower operations via Windows Explorer can't affect SketchUp.

Also ensure your SketchUp installation is correct...
Whilst logged into Windows as your usual user-account, ensure SketchUp [and Layout] is closed.
Find the SketchUp installer exe file - typically in your Downloads folder.
Select that exe file's icon, right-click > context-menu > "Run as administrator"
When prompted choose 'Repair' [or 'Install' if it's a brand new installation].
After it completes restart SketchUp and see if that helped...

Installing any complex app from its exe file in any other way can lead to unpredictable issues.
So never double-click the installer's exe file to 'Run' it.
Even if your normal user has admin-powers it's NOT the same as doing it as outlined above.

Doing a Repair leaves all of your installed Plugins alone.
Very rarely it can cause issues with some Extension's [un]saved preference-files/folders that have incorrect permissions set, even after the Repair - if you experience those issues we can advise on a specific fix if needed...
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