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OUtliner Help / Wish

Postby david_h » Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:36 pm

I don't use outliner a lot, but Here's a question that I have always had. When I edit a group or a component, I use, and I am sure all of you do, "Hide rest of Model" etc. to edit. But sometimes when I edit a groups within groups or C's within C's it would be nice to see just the nested group that it is in and still keep the rest of the model hidden.
For example. House (root model) > Dormer (component) > Window (nested COmponent). If I edit the Window, and I want to see the dormer for context, but wish to hide the rest of the house. . .is there some click in outliner that lets me do that? Does someone have a ruby for this?
DO I make any sense here? :roll:
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Re: OUtliner Help / Wish

Postby plot-paris » Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:07 pm

you could in the outliner window select all geometry but the "mother component" you want to manipulate, right click it and choose "Hide"

after manipulating the component, select all the hidden geometry and "unhide" it again. it is of course a bit laborious. but at least it is already possible.

but I would love some improvements of the organisation of components too. for example that you can hide nestet components (created within the model) in the components window - you know, some kind of tree structure
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