Features for material assignments

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Features for material assignments

Postby genma saotome » Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:49 pm

When rotating a material texture, it sure would be nice to be able to specify a numeric value for the degrees of rotation instead of trying to mouse it around. I find myself rotating an object back to a 0/90/180/270 axis to apply a texture and then rotating it back to it's original position. Think of a wooden truss girder on an angle... the grain needs to run the length of the girder on the angle the girder is on, not vertical or horizontal. What a PITA that is to do today.

It would also be very nice for a simple snap-to-point to weld any corner or centerline of the texture to one of the object points. I often have textures where the centerline of the texture needs to snap to the centerline of the object. Hard to get that exact as it is now.

Last request is to ask for a function that'll accept user typed values for distance or degree in order to skew and/or bend to an arc a texture assignment. Consider texturing a curved road: the centerline markings of the road should smoothly follow the same as the centerline of the object, whether the road object is a collection of skewed quadrilaterals or made from arc (or parts of a circle) object. This is hard to do now.
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