As it was promised, Lumion 3.2 was released before June. Among the new features, one must be noted at the beginning: now it is possible to load custom textures for Lumion Flags. This in itself is a grea, new feature that was on the wish list of many users!

Also, at the very beginning, some warning: "scenes and LS3 files saved in 3.2 are not backwards compatible with earlier versions. If you try to load 3.2 scenes or LS3 files in an earlier version of Lumion, models will be missing, i.e. replaced by red question marks" - so be careful with ongoing projects.

New features include:

  • New Hide/unhide switch for individual Movie effects.
  • New colour function for Standard and Stock Materials (Brick, Wood etc).
  • Animated flags now include a custom texture option in the Edit properties menu.
  • Navigation: Pressing the Shift and Space bar keys makes it possible to move the camera very fast.
  • Navigation: It is now possible to instantly teleport to another location in the scene by double-right-clicking on a model surface.

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