Lumion LiveSync for SketchUp

Lumion 8.3 was released today as a free upgrade from Lumion 8. At the core of the release is the new Lumion LiveSync for SketchUp and the improved LiveSync for Revit.

LiveSync is an exciting new feature for architects and designers in SketchUp. Seeing a real-time render as you work is nothing short of astonishing.

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See the building while you build it

Lumion LiveSync lets architects and designers immediately set up a live, real-time visualization of their SketchUp or Revit model in Lumion’s beautiful, lifelike environment. Instantly, they’ll see their model in Lumion’s fully featured landscape with highly detailed materials, photorealistic lighting and shadows, and objects from a massive content library.

LiveSync for SketchUp with Lumion 8

Lumion 8.3 also enables faster 3D rendering workflows. As architects and designers continue to develop and change their models in SketchUp and Revit, they can simultaneously prepare their renders in Lumion and save their scene for future development or quick rendering.

LiveSync for SketchUp with Lumion 8

The new LiveSync in Lumion 8.3 includes:

  • Point-of-view synchronization between SketchUp/Revit and Lumion
  • The ability to add and save Lumion’s beautiful materials to a LiveSync project
  • Real-time materials synchronization and visualization
  • Automatic model importing into Lumion (no need to separately import a model)

Try Lumion 8.3

The LiveSync plugins for SketchUp and Revit are free for everyone and available on the Lumion website or the Autodesk App Store.

More information:
Lumion 8.3 can be purchased via
Check out: for the new Lumion 8.3 features and media.
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About Lumion​: Lumion empowers architects to transform their CAD designs into strikingly beautiful renders in seconds. Whether you model in SketchUp, Revit, 3ds Max, Rhino or many others, Lumion instantly breathes life into your designs with realistic trees, stylish effects, and thousands of objects and materials from our content library. No training required, and after just 15 minutes, you can learn to create jaw-dropping images, videos and 360 panoramas with lightning-fast speeds.

About ACT-3D B.V.​: Founded in January 2001, Dutch development powerhouse Act-3D B.V. creates user-friendly real-time 3D visualization software. Lumion, MyLumion, Act-3D, Hyperlight, Pureglass, OmniShadow and Speedray Reflections are registered trademarks of Act-3D B.V. in The Netherlands.


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