[Plugin] Public beta for SimLab 3D PDF exporter 3.1

[Plugin] Public beta for SimLab 3D PDF exporter 3.1

Postby ashraf » Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:03 pm

SimLab team is proud to invite you to join the testing of the next update of SimLab 3D PDF exporter for SketchUp. The new release includes many great features.



The new release will have the version number 3.1 and will be a free upgrade for all users having version 3.0 of the plugin.

Users buying during the beta period (until the end of February) will get the Android/iPad export plugin for free.

Version 3.1 of the plugin includes the following new features:
1- Exporting polylines and Curves: 2D entities needed to complete the scene will be included in the generated 3D PDF file.

3d pdf in pdf.png

2- Exporting Dimensions: Dimensions Created in SketchUp can be optionally exported to the generated 3D PDF file.
3- Exporting Scene states: in addition to Cameras, shown/hidden states will be included in the 3D PDF file.
4- Exporting 2D images: in addition to textures that are included in the plugin from version 1, users will now be able to export SketchUp images to 3D PDF file.
5- Exporting object properties from SkechUp pro, selecting an object or clicking it in the tree will show its properties in the properties section in Acrobat reader.


6- Better match in template designer: opening the template designer from SketchUp will show a preview image in the 3D area, that will give the user the exact appearance of the model in the 3D area.
7- 2D PDF export.


8- New smart navigation system: selecting the new smart navigation system will enable the user to navigate large scenes easily.
9- Controlling DPI: the user will be able to increase the PDF dpi to maintain the high quality of all the images included in the 3D PDF file.
10- The option to automatically open the object tree after exporting the 3D PDF file.
The new beta version can be downloaded from the following link

SimLab Support
SimLab Support

Re: [Plugin] Public beta for SimLab 3D PDF exporter 3.1

Postby gaexpa » Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:40 pm



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