[Plugin][$] Concrete Frame Tool

[Plugin][$] Concrete Frame Tool

Postby tomot » Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:30 pm

Is my design solution to bring Cast-in-place Structural Concrete Building Components into a cohesive Ruby-framework. With Concrete Frame Tools one can create a repeating network of modular structural elements into a Proposed floor by floor Building Envelope. This Ruby uses typical Cast-in-place Concrete Columns and Beams, together with Spandrel beams, Footings, Slabs, and other enclosing elements such as Windows, Mullions, Walls, Slab, Bracing etc. Hence many of the underlying engineering elements that are responsible for a typical Preliminary Architectural Building Design are available in this Ruby.

There are 2 concrete frames to chose from: 1 column with slab over and 4 columns with slab over.
The 3rd is Concrete Addons: it complements additional Structural design elements, that do not occur within the original Concrete Frame Tool set.

Since one of the hallmarks of working with SketchUp is the use and maintenance of a disciplined layering structure, all structural elements produced by this ruby are drawn on their own named layers. In addition this Ruby is component based, and all elements are grouped for easy deletion, should the design requirements change.

Its important to understand that while all floors maybe similar in a multistory building. The use of a single story component may at first look a desirable option. However any design changes later might not be applicable to each floor. Therefore I would advise making each floor its own component.

I believe this is a good starting point to produce a total 3d structural building Envelope using Ruby. The same principles for adding additional elements such as Doors, Windows, Bifolds, or Cabinets complements the way Concrete Frame Tools works.

View the video at my blog: This video shows the use of 1 column with slab over. The 4 columns with slab over option had not been finalized at the time I made the video. But works the same way.

For more information click on my plugins link below

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