[Plugin] Clean DESKTOP

[Plugin] Clean DESKTOP

Postby Gultekinmg » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:21 am

CleanDESKTOP 1.1.2012

Based on Jim Foltz's user customize .Txt configured ToolBars plugin.
This is very Alpha version. No versatile code optimisation. But ok.
Also includes Debug function for develeopers that can be set off/on to print while processing, And A batch file for configurating for future use if you like to customize your Catalogs.
Huge Zip file due to png icons and some some extra wav not used.
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Postby Gultekinmg » Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:01 am

TODO:Designing TOOLBAR from dialog..
- Code graded to Hash usage with better Code validation functions and compact usage.
- Better Icons supported.
- A Catalog For SU-Common-Toolbars.
- All Action codes from SU-internalList.

- Crash Point..
SU- Has some limits on toolbar icons. Whenever I install more toolbars BUG Slaps!.
I have try to iconize all Action codes in Sketchup. But, I see it now that we need another method utilizing this to free RAM working on big files without Toolbars.
- So, I have decide to minimize Toolbar study. Loading to much toolbar crashes GUI windows.
I guess it would be better create another session for each ToolBar Work. Such as, If you want to work on Sketchy physics
Start another SU session with no toolbars then load SP_PLugin seperately..vs.

point, Initiation process break down..:(
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Postby jorge2011 » Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:32 pm

excellent initiative.
I think it would be very useful.
A web dialog with a list of installed plugins, where you can enable or disable toolbars installed



Postby Gultekinmg » Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:53 pm

jorge2011 wrote:A web dialog with a list of installed plugins, where you can enable or disable toolbars installed

>> I think it is not possible to detect names from GSU holding only such info for objects;
Other Toolbar: 12
Su-tb each : ["#<UI::Toolbar:0x79c9da0>","...","...]

>>You can only determine Object names if you know of which variables they are created as following.
MY SubTB: 14: , catalog = 4
ToolBar:["G \ \G '//4S //£\'£","#<UI::Toolbar:0x79f7da4>","off","my"]
ToolBar:["My_all","#<UI::Toolbar:0x79f79d0>","off","my","#<UI::Command:0x79d73d8> "]
CatName:["Catalog~mytoolbars","#<UI::Toolbar:0x7e64f7c>","on-off: "]

Since, I install Most of Plugins later i initiate a session.
I think it would be vise to configure each addition of another plugin at session.Sry, TODO mighty not concern this yet.
But, a Web_dlg to configure your Catalog desing sounds good..
Also, It would be suitable late install of that plugin after all other plugins settle. Thou, it handles later instances while in session.
- Well, I have check windows.regedit kept toolbar names. may utilize it. :bounce:

False statements above..
Su-Already has a command to display Toolbarnames.
Thx.CodeMasters helping me with not helping this initiation.
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Postby jorge2011 » Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:09 am

Thanks for your response.
Maybe something like this:?


Re: [Plugin] Clean DESKTOP

Postby Gultekinmg » Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:59 pm

That Post needs to be placed in SU-Future.
Weird after all, Those thousands views with no respecting command.
- No one stuck on, Loading to much plugin?
- No one stuck on too much Toolbar or menus?
- No interruption on model Using web dialog gui?

it is painfull organize all those usefull plugins due to SU system limits or reason that PC has no hardware accelerator. So, Which way is best to organize tools?

I wonder if using on-model tools like WIKI's scale, effects su-process less than in-window tools.

If it is that way. Vision must be developing ToolMenus inside Model.
But when i remember how long it takes refresh scene on detailed projects, i figure why WIKI uses Bounding BOX
for tool functions. So we might need bounding whole model to be able to use inside scene cute-Tool-Menus.

I have seen one Live Menu Future inside scene with SketcyPhysics. That seems future invasion.

I'll pretend to develop Menus with tool icons inside scene, but peop hides samples inside rbsies. takes time.

Since, I have had no command with my initiation, and confused with system restrictions,i have delayed posting my second version with organized Plugin loader that helps me load plugins from categorized directory structure in right place whenever i need them and not in startup.


Re: [Plugin] Clean DESKTOP

Postby manhaaa » Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:39 pm

i have problem while install your plugin:
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