Animator v2.6c Problems with video generating

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Animator v2.6c Problems with video generating

Postby kingi » Fri May 15, 2020 1:36 pm

Hi fredo6

I'm using Seketchup pro 2020 and just recently downloaded Animator to animate a rather large sketchup model with file size 330MB.
animator works slow and I had a view crashes.
But when I tried to generate a video it allways stopped after frame 1.
Has animator worked in the past with large files?
I tried an animation on a small model size to create a video. All frames where processed but no video was stored at the end. In the folder was attached file.

I really like your work and I would like to use animator if possible.

Best Regards,



Re: Animator v2.6c Problems with video generating

Postby fredo6 » Sat May 16, 2020 9:30 pm

It would be more helpful to attach the Skethcup file (.skp)....
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