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Fredo6 Bezierspline "Lanceur"

Postby zooen » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:49 am

Hello Fredo,

This message (this request) is for Fredo. If this is technically possible and if you have the time and the desire, would it be possible to have a "launcher" for bezierspline. The toolbar is quite long (18 icons). For my part, I try to keep the maximum space in the working window with a tool line at the top, one at the bottom and the same at the left and right. I am only a palette SketchUp grouping 7 palettes with tabs in the lower part. When I can (depending on the plugins), I disable or delete icons that are not useful to me; or I only use the "launchers" when they exist. : Enlight:

Well, from the user's side it may sound simple enough, but I'm sure if it's possible, it must be a lot of work.

I put the message on the "Gaulois forum" too, because I saw that you are often present. ;)

Sorry : Google traduction!!



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