[plugins] Set of Tools with toolbars for Mac

[plugins] Set of Tools with toolbars for Mac

Postby Michaelv » Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:29 pm

If you use a Mac and like me, like to use toolbars instead of menus here is a set of tools modified that now include toolbars and icons and Mac specific compatibility.

These are tools I found around here to which I added toolbar functions or made sure that all functionality was Mac compatible. All credit should go to the original tool authors.

I cannot guarantee that these tool are their latest version as I did some a year ago or more.
I also have not tested these tools on PC, so if you have a PC and want a toolbar, you are welcome to try these, but I cannot guarantee they work (and if I modified the modifier keys, it may not behave right). In any case make sure you know what you are doing as they may not behave well on PC.

Not all tools are as smooth and intuitive in their functioning as I'd like. There could be some better implementation of the toolbar/cursor use, but that's future work when I get to it.

These install just like normal script. In certain cases they may ask you to replace the original script, do not, cancel and make sure you understand what is going on and first drag the correct script (the one it wants to replace) to your desktop, do not erase it. Then you can install again (either replace if you copied it or just install it). If the replacement operation didn't work for some reason, or creates a bug, go back to your original (that you dragged onto the desktop). If you're not sure about this, don't do it. If you have a Mac and don't care about using toolbars, no need to do it either, so don't.
These will add icons or folders with icons to your plugin folder. These folders are necessary with the new script, but the old script will ignore them.

Bear with me for icons, I'm not a graphic artist. :lol: I welcome any submission.

For the tools description and use, refer to the originals. If I added or changed some functionality, the info will show in the status bar.

For TIG's 2D Tools version 5.1 see here:

For Drawing Angle Dimension:


Re: [plugins] Set of Tools with toolbars for Mac

Postby Michaelv » Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:56 pm

Added the always useful Zorro2

Author Whaat, Version 2.0


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