Coordinates and origen

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Coordinates and origen

Postby Chriscross » Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:04 am

Hi - I am new to SU and am painfully learning to use it - One thing I want to be able to do (because I think I should be able to do it) is to move components, groups and objects to a specific location in 3D space. I know I can only find the x,y,z coordinates of objects (so need to break apart components, groups) using the TEXT tool. I also understand the I use MOVE [ x, y, z] to move an object to an ABSOLUTE point in 3D space. My problem is that when I try to move object A to object B using the coordinates of object B, it moves off to a different point in space - but if I move object A to [0,0,0] it goes to the X,Y,Z origin, BUT if I look at the coordinates of object A at the origin they don't equate to 0,0,0. So I am not sure where this offset is coming from. I tried to attach an example but it was too large?. Any help to relive my poor brain would be so much appreciated - thanks for reading this.


Re: Coordinates and origen

Postby Dave R » Sat Jun 01, 2019 1:12 pm

Where are you grabbing the component or group to move it? If you are entering the absolute coordinates, it is move the component or group such that the point you grabbed it by is at that point.

Generally, if you want to move A next to B it's easier to gab A by a point that has a discrete destination like a point on B. You could have A in place by the time you've figured out the coordinates for that point.
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Re: Coordinates and origen

Postby pbacot » Sat Jun 01, 2019 6:52 pm

I never moved things this way (not even in CAD) but now you have me curious. I think it matters: what is the object, a line, surface, or group? And how do you "look at the coordinates of object"? I can find the coordinates of a vertex using the text tool and that's all.

When you use the move tool and click on an object, type [0,0,0] it moves THE PLACE YOU CLICKED ON THE OBJECT to the origin. Same for any other coordinates. So the only place I am not following is how you are "using the coordinates of B", where did you read them? if I move a second object (clicking on a vertex 'A') using coordinates obtained from a vertex 'B', it appears to work fine, reporting the vertex 'A' at the proposed location.

Just curious. You may have your reasons for the coordinate method, but as Dave says, generally we just move the sucker(using a snap to a logical point on the object). (Granted the objects may be very far away, or you are planning on using ruby, or something.
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Re: Coordinates and origen

Postby Chriscross » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:51 pm

Hi All. _ Have solved the mystery - and I think its a bug in the software. If you start with a new sheet/drawing then the coordinates displayed by the text tool are correct in relation to the reference point (Origen) [0,0,0]. However if you change the axis at all then the coordinates displayed by the text tool are still relative to the original axis and Origen. The only point in space that is updated to the new Origen is 0,0,0 (or any combination). I found this be creating some boxes and moving then to points in space with the MOVE[x,y,z]. This worked perfectly until I changed the Origen - then s--t happened. Thanks for reading the post.


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