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Cardboard VR immersion

Postby Vertigo1 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:33 pm

We recently purchased an unlimited 1 year license of Kubity for a specific project. Kubity offers the simplicity that we are looking for to present some of our projects when comparing and weighing all of the options that your competition offers.

I have used a few different 360 VR viewers, most that take still renderings as input, but I find the 3d effect in the VR mode of the mobile Kubity app is not as immersive. It feels more like I am looking at the scene projected on the inside of a sphere than looking at actual 3d objects.

Using the VRSkope program with an Oculus Rift gives the 3d effect I am after, and I have used other Cardboard and Daydream apps that render the camera in the way I have come to expect. Will this be updated in Kubity? This mobile VR option is a primary feature that I am looking to use in Kubity.

We are using the app as it is since it is still incredibly intuitive and useful, but would like to see this update applied to push it over the top of the competition so that we get all of our 3d model presentation needs from one app. Is that something that you are working on?



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