Trouble exporting to .STL solids extruding outside boundary

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Trouble exporting to .STL solids extruding outside boundary

Postby noahthomas77 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 4:27 pm

Hi, I'm having trouble exporting this file, for a sculpture, to STL format. There's seepage on the backside of the planar portions so that many of the linear structural members are filled in behind. I've tried uploading it to
but the same thing happens. I've done a "Check Solid" and everything seems to be good. What am I missing? It's hard to view the back side of this form!! Thanks


Re: Trouble exporting to .STL solids extruding outside bound

Postby TIG » Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:01 pm

Unfortunately your SketchUp model is NOT a manifold solid.
To successfully 3d-print such a form it should be.
See the attached image from SolidInspector² which list hundreds of issues [once the geometry - excluding the loose edge near the origin is grouped].

A 'solid' is a group/component which contains just edges and faces, and where every edge supports exactly two faces.
So that means no nested containers like groups [you have 70], no faceless edges, no faces with just one edge [you have several] - like shelves, flaps and holes, no internal partitions where a edge would have three or more faces, no otherwise solid forms sharing an edge [with four faces], and finally no self-intersecting forms which might still report as 'solid' but which cannot be 3d-printed.

I'm afraid you need a lot of manual fixing of this model.
It cannot be 'automated', because the issues are so convoluted...
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