Archiving the "Plugin/Folder" by date and time

Archiving the "Plugin/Folder" by date and time

Postby ken » Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:01 am

Archiving the plugin folder.

While removing some plugins that I didn't want in the plugin folder, I noticed that the two Simlab plugins I had didn't seem to be working with Ver 2019. To get rids these plugin, you have to uninstall the plugins, as the extension manager will not remove these two plugins. So after uninstalling the two plugins, I went to start Sketchup again. And darned, Sketchup was staring as a trial, and my trial period was over. I had my required license and other info to get Sketchup up and working again. So, now I am not in trial, but I am in a clean version of Sketchup. My plugin folder was gone and I have to start over. Now, I had an old version of the plugins, so I wasn't starting over from scratch, however, I wasn't starting over from the latest update.

So I was wondering, can a plugin be made that will archive the plugin in an archiving/folder? Such that when you run the archiving plugin, it gives the date of the last archive in a box asking you if you wish to continue. Saving the archived "plugin/folder" in an archiving folder. With the archived "plugins/folder" in the Archiving folders in the order of newest to the oldest.

Hope this is understandable.

Thanks in advance.

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