QUESTION: Soften and Smooth. Is this a "stored" attribute ?

QUESTION: Soften and Smooth. Is this a "stored" attribute ?

Postby JClements » Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:15 pm

When softening and smoothing, the there are 2-sliders and 2-checkboxes in the UI which determine the appearance of edges and surfaces.

With modifying or editing complex geometry there can be portions of the hidden geometry which seem to display differently. This can can happen because of inaccuracies when selecting geometry or when manipulating existing geometry or adding new geometry which intersects existing smoothed-geometry.

1. Does SU store the Soften-Smoothed settings originally applied to geometry so that those specific attributes/values can later be extracted and reapplied?

2. If so, can these attributes be extracted and reapplied via Ruby?
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