[Plugin] Click-Window 3D

[Plugin] Click-Window 3D

Postby TNTDAVID » Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:05 pm

Hello to all :-)

We are pleased to announce the official release of the new Plugin Click-Window 3D.

To download the free trial version, please visit this PAGE.

But above all, here is a video presentation of this tool:


The goal of Click-Window 3D is to offer an intuitive, flexible and productive windows design tool.

There is no longer a need to adapt the fixed windows of the 3D Warehouse, nor to create templates manually!

With a few clicks, create all types of 3D windows customized with a high level of detail.

Click Window 3D is International

To provide a useful tool globally, there are two versions of the plugin!

We offer both the Metric and Imperial systems.

The window models proposed by Click-Window 3D are designed using real commercial products popular around the world.

French window: Popular in Europe and other continents.

Sliding window: Popular all over the world.

Slash window: Popular in USA, Canadas, England, Netherlands etc ... And all other British colonies.

Crank window: Popular in cold countries as it offers the best thermal insulation.

Panoramic window: Popular around the world and widely used in corporate offices.


If you do not know how to install Click-Window 3D in SketchUp, watch this video:

After installation:

  • Import and insert the Control Panel by clicking on the icon « START » on the Click-Window 3D Toolbar.

  • Select the icon « Interact with Dynamic Components » which is available on the toolbar,« Dynamic Components ».

  • You can now click on the thumbnails of the « Control Panel » to define the settings of your future Windows.

  • Import your 3D Window, with a drag and a click.

  • Wait just a few seconds as the program loads...


You will notice that the window followed to the letter your settings.


There is a single golden rule to remember!

Never change a 3D window without the Control Panel open.

This could lead to an unexpected shutdown of SketchUp.

For more information, please follow the instructions found in our free training video on this PAGE.

Click Window 3D offers 2 modes of uses :

Control Panel (Many Options)

This mode is highlighted in our video presentation, because it allows to change many details with images easy to understand.

Traditional (Fast Setting)

This mode has been created thanks to the ideas of beta testers :thumb:

By opting for mode 2, you can resize all future windows with the tool "Scale" and set their parameters with the "Components Options".

Who can use Click-Window 3D?

If you are a user of 3D, and you often realize interior projects, this tool can be very useful!

Whichever software you use, all models created with Click-Window 3D can be exported from SketchUp.

You can then import them to your favorite software and take full advantage of 3D models.

User Rights and Copyright

The distribution of our tools or provided 3D models is strictly prohibited.
Only through a private network, working with stakeholders on a common project, is sharing of 3D windows allowed.


Does our work satisfy you? Would you like to encourage us?

Leaving a positive comment on this page would be highly appreciated :-)

Thanking you, our precious client

Thank you to all users of Click-kitchen, which allowed us to continue development for SketchUp.

And a big thanks to Trimbel, for helping young developers to become visible with the Warehouse extensions.

We wish to all a wonderful discovery of our program Click-Window 3D.

PS: Thanks to all our beta testers, Pilou, Chri and those who wanted to remain anonymous. ;)
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* Nouveau !!!
Découvrez notre nouveau Plugin Click-Cuisine 2, pour créer vos cuisines 3D !
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Re: [Plugin] Click-Window 3D

Postby TNTDAVID » Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:35 am

Enjoy now our training video in English!

Tutorial 01 - Installation of Click-Window 3D in Sketchup.

Tutorial 02 - Presentation Toolbar Click-Window 3D.

Tuto 03 - Beginner's tips!

Tuto 04 - Panel Control & Sliding Window.

< More videos >
* Nouveau !!!
Découvrez notre nouveau Plugin Click-Cuisine 2, pour créer vos cuisines 3D !
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Not for this price - Re: [Plugin] Click-Window 3D

Postby PropertyToday » Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:18 pm

The plugin is touted as free, and it is a way this appears in the warehouse website.
It is not fair.
For free - You get almost nothing. If You want create some window and check the quality of profiles etc, you have to pay 100USD!
For 100USD is just unprofitable. If You have to pay for each building component plugin 100USD, you wouln't earn your bread.
It is much better to use sketchup importer for autocad bim libraries provided by windows producers.
Best regards.


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