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Re: [Plugin] Super Drape

Postby TIG » Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:55 pm

Place the group to be draped vertically above the group that it is to be draped onto.

Run the tool.

1. Pick the [upper] group which is to be draped.

2. Pick the [lower] group which is to be draped onto.


All faces in both groups must be oriented upwards.

The material[s] in the upper group will be applied to the draped parts in the lower group.

That error-message suggests that you are picking the lower group first, and then picking it again ?
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Re: [Plugin] Super Drape

Postby rstanley » Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:48 am

Yjmls Yog for suggesimg that I had to further explode the drape objects and the potential draped object but that was not the problem. I discovered that the problem was my own lack of patience.
For me at least SD is not immediate but only gradually transfers the material: It first downloads the outline of yhe draped object, then slowly imprints the material content of the draped image onto that outline.. I draped the word "text object" (out of SKP's 3d text tool) onto a simple curved cylnder surface/ ( It took about 30 sec.) The material infilling then followed (It took another 45 sec..and occurred in sequence...Just a heads up for other users who are expecting an immediate transfer .. My SKP pro 15 and memory etc are all otherwise good and as fast as expected when using other elements of skp.


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