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Postby SHK » Fri Jul 10, 2009 6:30 pm

@Bob (Watkins): It is our target to roll out more and more functionality and develop with 3skeng a powerful engineering tool. HVAC systems (first industrial and later domestic) will be one of the main focuses of the functionality.

Some more comments regarding the pricing as you asked earlier: The numbers of users for an engineering software based on SketchUp are very limited. It seems that most of the professional users working with the traditional software packages like Autodesk MEP, Microstation, Solid Works etc. even in the conceptual phase. We hope more and more engineers will discover the beauty of fast conceptual design with SketchUp. The pricing of 3skeng must consider the current situation. We ensure 3skeng will give all professional users a lot value for their money and the time saving potential in their daily work will result in a fast return on invest.

@John (JClements): Thank you very much for your post and the offer to get us in contact with the piping engineer in your company.

We are currently in the realization phase for the 3skeng engineering version. There is unfortunately not to much room for changes and additional features for the coming release. I hope for your understanding in this point.

We actual work to implement as much as possible the feedback we received including your comments on page 2 as well as the feedback from Jean Lemire and Howard Leslie (Thanks also to you both) and numerous emails.

The option to use pre-selected centerlines would be without any doubt very useful but the implementation in the actual concept seems to be a too big challenge at this moment for us (i.e. How to create a smart user interface for pipe diameters after reducers or reducing Tees?).

The new pipe function in 3skeng engineering will again focus on conceptual design. The main usage will be piping space arrangement and the fast generation of conceptual piping models. New functionality will help a lot better to draw a pipe from “A” to a specific endpoint “B”. The implementation of a T into an existing pipeline will work much smarter and it will be possible to generate eccentric reducers. An editing function will allow to modify generated pipelines as shown in the movie on 3skeng.com.

It would be very interesting to talk to you and your colleagues. Our main engineering experience is in the field of semiconductor and solar cell manufacturing Fabs. Drain systems and waste water treatment are also required in this field but for sure not in the same extend like in your designs. I will contact you via PM.

@Mike Lucey: We are unfortunately currently not in a position to publish a price for 3skeng engineering. I hope for your understanding.

The idea with the free license for users in this forum who gave us all the valuable feedback is very good. We will contact them as soon as the development has reached the beta release status.

Thank you also for your ideas regarding the 3skeng business model. We will discuss your input in our team.

And thank you very much for the “The Daily CatchUp” offer. We will contact you via PM.


Re: New Piping System Plugin

Postby Mike Lucey » Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:59 pm

Thanks Sebastian for this comprehensive reply.

You are a hard man to pin down on price by I am sure you will honour your word when you wrote (above) that 'We promise to set a reasonable price which will ensure a fast return on invest for our target users'. I still think that it would be great to have a limited edition for casual users but understand from what you say, you may look at this option. Casual users can often turn into Pro Users over time as is the case with Google SketchUp and SketchUp Pro.

I look forward to working on The Daily CatcUp interview with you and imagine that many of our members will be interested in learning more about your ideas and company.

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Mike Lucey 

Re: New Piping System Plugin

Postby modelhead » Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:26 pm

Could I suggest any kind of collaborative effort

Good idea, don't think it could be mandatory although the vender should be encouraged to do so.

A number of beta test licences could be determined by the vender as give away, free to convert to full licence.
Maybe the first five SCF member testors.

edit...Duh!...looks like it has happened already :mrgreen:


Re: New Piping System Plugin

Postby watkins » Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:45 pm

Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for your detailed reply. I will watch this thread with interest.



Re: New Piping System Plugin

Postby SHK » Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:24 pm

:D We proudly present 3skeng Pipe Conceptual!

The new plugin is now available. It was quite a hard piece of work to shape the software user handling until we reached the point where we had no more idea how to make it faster and even more user friendly.

It took longer then expected, we spent more then calculated… but this seems to be the nature of software development…

At this point, we want to thank you guys for the big amount of positive and constructive feedbacks in this forum and via email which kept us both, highly motivated and focused on our way to finishing this first professional release of this software.

We tried hard to keep the price as low as possible. In relation to the relatively small user group and to the costs of other piping software, we think we reached a quite good target. Believe us: The project is still a relevant entrepreneurial risk and a possible return of invest is far in the future. But: Your feedback, our motivation and our ideas drive us to continue and develop further tools which will make 3skeng to a strong engineering plug-in for SketchUp.

Another good news: We decided to expand the duration for the free version until April 2010. We expect that a fraction of the users who have tried 3skeng Pipe LT decide for the purchasable release, which has quite valuable additional tools and functions.

If you like the software, it would be great if you tell this your colleagues and friends ;)

Check out the new software at http://www.3skeng.com

Regards, Sebastian


Re: [Plugin] New Piping System Plugin

Postby Kielly » Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:32 am

I posted a question on the plugin forum and here is a link to it about your product. Could you take a look at it for me.



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