[Plugin] FredoScale - v3.1a - 18 Dec 18

Re: [Plugin] FredoScale - v3.1a - 18 Dec 18

Postby theresacalabrese » Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:13 pm

The signature is out of date


Re: [Plugin] FredoScale - v3.1a - 18 Dec 18

Postby Dave R » Fri Aug 30, 2019 12:54 pm

theresacalabrese wrote:The signature is out of date

To what signature are you referring? SketchUp says the signature is up to date:
Screenshot - 8_30_2019 , 6_51_58 AM.png
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Re: [Plugin] FredoScale - v3.0a - 14 Jan 17

Postby ISAWHIM » Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:49 pm

kevsterman wrote:Hi guys. I have another question regarding radial bend. As you can see from the image all of the lines denoting brickwork haven't bended as I was expecting. I'm not sure why. Is it a parameter problem or maybe something to do with the model? Its probably something really easy I'm missing :?

Screenshot 2017-08-10 13.03.15.png

You need to split the horizontal lines into segments. The same would happen if you used a circle with only eight segments, it would transform into a funky shape, because the lines connect to the points, and only the points are relocated. (Eg, it will not curve a solid line, it just deforms the locations of the end-points.)

Thus, your windows where they are on the roof-line, that has three segments. The points are relocated, on a curve, and you get a three-segment curve. However, your horizontal lines for the "siding", only have two points, per line. So, the line just connects from point to point, left and right, with no curve on the line, to match the line where the window has broken the line into three segments. Just as you would add more segments to a circle to hide the fact that it is actually just a bunch of lines and angles, to create the illusion of a "curve".


1: Break the line into a three-segment line, by adding a line with points aligned under the window, where the window points intersect that horizontal line of the roof.

2: For more realism, because that is a rather large curve, you should segment each line into 4-8 segments per line. That way, you will have full curves, retaining the "image/concept", of the original.

This is the reason that SketchUp has no deform tools. When done on simple lines, without adding more segments, you get undesired results. Just as when you attempt three-point perspective, by lowering the camera near the ground and looking up. It always "looks funny", because the building edges are all perfect lines from corner to corner, instead of having a "true curve", as a camera or your eyes see. That is why 3D rendered things, look like 3D rendered things, instead of looking like reality, unless you use post-work deforms or complex multi-segment lines. (As objects such as people have, but buildings normally do not. Adding to the oddity of displaying 3D objects.)


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