Cutlist for Sketchup-glitches?

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Cutlist for Sketchup-glitches?

Postby ericmcrory » Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:43 am

I'm running Sketchup 8 on two different Macs and have the Cutlist plugin on both. On the i-Mac running Snow Leopard, the Cutlist plugin won't generate a cut sheet/layout; in addition,the text fields for Parts and Sheet Materials are black (as opposed to a white background with dark text), making it impossible to see the text entered into those fields. I've tried reinstalling Sketchup and updating to the latest Cutlist (4.1.5) and this has not changed anything. Sketchup 8 and Cutlist does not have this problem on my Macbook Pro running Lion. It does have another unique glitch however... when I run print preview, for instance to print a dimensions sheet, and then come back to the Sketchup screen, the orbit and pan funtions don't work properly. The project gets locked to the aspect ratio of the screen, so when I try to zoom in and out, the image just runs along one of the axis but won't get bigger or smaller, and when I change the size of the screen, the project gets distorted. This does not happen on the iMac. Very puzzling. Any insight would be appreciated!


Re: Cutlist for Sketchup-glitches?

Postby Dave R » Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:44 pm

The HTML files for the layouts have never shown on Mac but you can save SVG files of the layout and open them. I don't use them anyway so it's never been a big issue for me but using the SVG files would allow you to control how they appear on a page so you could get several on a single sheet if you want.

I have V4.1.5 on my MacBook running 10.6.8. The text fields are black but the text appears in white. I understand Steve has some plans this winter to make some changes to the plugin and this may get addressed.

As for the Print Preview issue, I've never heard of this before but I'll look into it. For my use I generate a CSV file, manipulate it in a spreadsheet application and then print that so I've never actually tried printing the list that is displayed when the plugin runs.

Edited to add: I tried the printing thing and have no problem with any tools in SketchUp afterward.
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