Developer Needed for Existing Script

Developer Needed for Existing Script

Postby mcarr114 » Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:33 pm

I am working with a company striving to 3D print/spray concrete domes. They have their printer built, and have a plugin made for SketchUp that generates Gcode. However, it is not fully baked (the plugin), and needs a bit more refinement to get it solid and stable enough to reliably generate, edit, and ideally simulate the operations. The original developer is out of the picture, and the work is from a couple years ago.

Attached is a screenshot of the interface, and the model of the printer atop an airform. The plugin is able to animate the printer elements within the model. However, the save dialogue is not operating well. And it would be helpful to be able to edit lines of code more easily. We are looking for a competent developer to take this a bit further.

Also, if someone thinks/knows that our ambition is more easily/elegantly accomplished by moving to a custom post-processor in Fusion360, your weigh in would be helpful.

Much appreciated.


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