Avoiding "Start(Makro)Ruby operation left open"

Avoiding "Start(Makro)Ruby operation left open"

Postby artmusicstudio » Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:18 pm

edit 180102:

what is wrong, when my undo system works perfectly (all operation back & forth) and still the ruby-logfile shows

"Start(Makro)Ruby operation left open: ........" ???

i definitely have always paired starts & commits, even with on cancel & on deselect........

edit 180101:

is it possible to integrate everything within ONMOUSEMOVE into an operation in ONLBDOWN ?

i would like to make a line following the mouse after first - point - click, unless second click is done,
but all this in 1 OPERATION.

thanx for any help or example ( the line-tool-example has no operation-declared, so it does nor help here).


i need a small advice.
i just started to study the sketchup-report and found out, that, althoug i commit operations, i get a reported

Start(Makro)Ruby operation left open

how can i avoid this and "close" the tool in a proper way ?

i found this text in the internet, but must confess, that i do not understand it...

# When enabled (true):
# * Ruby Console now warns about Ruby operations left open. Leaving
# operations open is typically a bad practice. We are warning developers
# that they should try to find a different way of doing what they want to do.
# * Ruby Console now warns when a user tries to create a nested operation.
# Starting a new operation while one is still open is a bad practice. We
# would like developers to be more aware that they are doing this so that
# they can fix their code.

thanx for helping!!!!

with best wishes for 2018
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