Tutorial stereoscopic 360° Panorama for Oculus rift

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Tutorial stereoscopic 360° Panorama for Oculus rift

Postby jo-ke » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:24 pm

This is a complex theme.

at first you have to render 2 equirectangular Panos about 8cm difference for right eye and left eye.


I would suggest 2048 x 1024

Import both pics to photoshop
use filter to move both pano for 512pixel sidways


change both halfs of the pano (in real live: if you turn your head 180° then your left eye is one the right and theright one on the left)




now make a new image 2048x2948 like displayed.


put image in an video editor like VSDC and make a .mov with aspect ratio 2048x2048, then convert the video to mp4

this video is able to be displayed in Oculus Rift with Neo VR Player
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