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Sketchup Market Share per version

Postby SergioFigueras » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:48 pm

Hello folks!

We're about to start the development of a new SketchUp Plugin. But as you know, there're some technical restrictions and differences for each one of the SketchUp versions.

So, as we need to define a baseline of which version we're going to support, I would like to ask if someone knows if there is any TOC defining the market share for each one of the SketchUp versions. F.e.: SU8 -> 1%, SU18 -> 45%.

Does anybody know if there is such a mapping and if so, is it available for the community?




Re: Sketchup Market Share per version

Postby TIG » Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:45 pm

Such sensitive data is unlikely to be shared by Trimble/SketchUp.

However, be aware that the last non-Pro version currently supported is v2017.
Both v2017 Make [& Pro] should remain supported for the foreseeable future, as the 'free' promise.
The Pro versions of current SketchUp and the prevision one [now v2019/v2018] are supported, when v2020 arrives v2018 will get dropped [eventually].

The differences between current versions and the Ruby API [across both OSs] are relatively minor, and you can always code in OS and Sketchup.version.to_f checks into you code, so that you don't try to do something in say v2017 that is only available in >=v2019 etc...
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Re: Sketchup Market Share per version

Postby mozzie » Tue Jun 25, 2019 12:48 am

This market share might be data that is of interest to a number of Sketchup users/ developers.
Can I suggest setting up a simple survey (one question, tick the boxes)?
The Sketchucation admins may be prepared to co-operate, or you could set up one on something like Google Forms (I'm not a fan of Survey Monkey, but its a possibility. You would need to promote i on the other sketchup sites/ forums, for completeness.
My only request is ... if you do this - make really simple; as above.


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