WIN 10 cant remember positions of trays in Layout and Sketch

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WIN 10 cant remember positions of trays in Layout and Sketch

Postby saldstudio » Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:26 pm

Hi, my boss buy me new Asus Zenbook Duo laptop to improve workflow, it has two displays.

But I got a problem, both in Sketchup and Layout.
In Sketchup 2015 its problem to move floating trays to the bottom display, it can be done just by resizing them into bottom, but still Entity info cant be dragged to second display (but with Model info its ok). What I found, in 2018 or newer version its problem too, its not possible to put trays into top edge of the bottom display, trays just jump to upper display, and stay on place just in 1/3 of screen or lower.

In layout, if I put trays to the bottom display, after restart Layout they are in different position on the screen. Also, somehow, trays are little bigger (???), after move their size go back to normal. sometimes tray to the right side even disappear outside the display. Its 2015 version, but i found out the 2019 has the same problem

I guess it has something to do with graphics drivers (geforce rtx 2060, updated) or windows itself, but maybe some one has similar problem... I know, that for example in winamp there is some file, where positions of floating windows are set, so it can be manually changed.

top, after restart, bottom original positions

can anyone help? this second display suppose to be great improvement, but for now its pain in the ass....


Re: WIN 10 cant remember positions of trays in Layout and Sk

Postby Box » Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:57 pm

First thing to try,Close SU and Layout, Find the install file .exe, probably in your Downloads folder.
Right click on it and choose Run As Administrator, then when the option is given select Repair and follow any prompts.
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