Sketchup to layout extensions?

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Sketchup to layout extensions?

Postby ricorob » Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:11 pm

Looking for an extension that would allow me to insert a sketchup component into layout and have it automatically display iso,front,right,back,left,top and bottom viewports without me having to create and align all of those viewports manually. This will be used to create shop drawings more efficiently.


Re: Sketchup to layout extensions?

Postby pbacot » Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:50 pm

I think I get what you are after. You have multiple components in a drawing and want to get out the views of each individual component. The only way I can think of that for now is to use the "Save As" contextual function for the component. this will save a SU file for just that component-- but it won't have any scenes in it.

I usually like to use Scenes to keep my SU-LO links solid but in this case it seems a different approach is needed. please test before you commit your business to it....

I made a LO template that has 4 scaled SU views set to Front, back, etc., based on a prototype SU file. Originally the SU view should be of an object at the ORIGIN. Then I relink to the latest component's "Save AS" file. The views are based on the AXES of the component.

There should be difficulties based on the size of different objects as you go but changing the scale might help and you may have to adjust the views some afterward, but any plugin that could deal with all these possibilities would be incredible indeed.

It would be nice to have a SU Plugin that will "Save As" all your components in the file to a folder (overwriting the old "Save as" files), so you can update everything fairly easily. THAT plugin sounds possible.
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Re: Sketchup to layout extensions?

Postby TIG » Sat Nov 17, 2018 9:59 pm

This snippet copied/pasted into the Ruby Console + <enter> will save all of the model's definitions out into a selected folder, as separate SKP files...
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d=UI.select_directory(title:"Choose Save Components' Directory...");(Sketchup.active_model.definitions.each{|e|e.save_as(File.join(d,[\x00\/\\:\*\?\"<>\|]/,"_")))};UI.openURL("file:///#{d}"))if d
You then need to open each in turn and set up the scene views, with zooms, and re-save etc...
This can also be coded, but it is more than a one-liner...
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