Better Depth cue--line weight

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Better Depth cue--line weight

Postby pbacot » Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:47 pm

This could be for SU or LO. But since LO most rendering is SU based, I don't see why not SU too.

What if output Line weight were adjusted so that a line's weight was relative to the distance of a face beyond it (and "touching" it in relation to the viewpoint). Sliders could (like fog) control the overall weight and the intervals in the range of weights.

So the outline of a building in elevation would appear heavy because there is nothing behind it (or the next building is but so far away). The minor ridges in siding or parts of a window frame would not be very heavy. A transparent surface may cause a bump-up in the weight of the lines adjacent to it.

You might add another feature that (like fog) causes edges to read lighter,in general, as they recede over a greater distance, perhaps just more faded, but (unlike fog) never completely.

Ultimately this is for better elevation drawings in LO, where one now needs to draw more to create appropriate emphasis on edges or where objects that have minute detail come out too heavy.
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Re: Better Depth cue--line weight

Postby utiler » Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:36 am

Totally, agree, mate. I tend to set depth cue to no more that 3 and when taken into LO change to Hybrid and wind back the Line Weight to about 0.2 [Minimum it will go to is 0.1]. Oh, and a little bit of Fog if I fell the need but the Fog sliders can be tedious to manipulate.
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