Sketchup 2015(next maintenance) Wish[list]

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Sketchup 2015(next maintenance) Wish[list]

Postby derei » Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:00 pm

Well, it seems that Trimble is starting to do a good job with SU and this makes me happy.
I noticed that toolbars don't get messy anymore, everything is more robust, but there is still a lot of inconsistency with icons (native tools can be customized, extension can't... and so on).

But, the biggest issue that is now, is that there isn't a LOCK TOOLBAR option, that won't allow accidental dragging or the toolbars to move if window is resized. - I have some free space under the vertical toolbars and if I resize the window, on maximize, the toolbar is moved down and the gap now will be in the upper side.

So, yeah... maybe a LOCK TOOLBAR would be a simple yet useful thing to add.

Wish you best.
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